Thursday, 12 July 2012

Rack Planner Update

Further enhancements to the 'Add Module' code. You can now scroll the manufacturer and module lists vertically (by dragging them up/down with the mouse) if they don't fit on the screen (great for the long list of Doepfer modules). It also remembers where you last added a module from and takes you straight back there the next time you click 'Add'. Format and manufacturer remain highlighted while you choose the module.

Modules no longer stack up in the top left corner of the rack as they are added. They start at the top left, moving across each row in turn looking for a space big enough for the chosen module. If such a a space is found then the module is put there. If not it reverts to top left as before. This works really nicely and saves alot of dragging around when first building up a plan. It'll be an option in the final version (for those of you that want a stack of modules in the top left corner).

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