Sunday, 14 June 2009

RH: Home made Doepfer-style power lead

In order to connect up an old Maplin Waveform Generator to my Doepfer case, I needed a +/- 9V power feed. I used a spare IDE hard drive cable from my PC spares box, cutting the connector to size then re-sealing it using a glue gun. The 3 pairs of wires (from the top, down) are for +9V, 0V and -9V, Works well.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

RH: Doepfer A-100 made safe

After the arrival of my Doepfer LC9 case last week and the subsequent installation of my 4 modules there were obviously plenty of places where hands/leads/cats could gain entry to the box for a potential 240V surprise, so... 

Today I cut some thin MDF to size and made it safe. Not very pretty, but it's neat and will do until the gaps are filled by more modules.

Blog started

On a rainy June morning, the idea to build a father and son collaborative blog was hatched and put into action.