Sunday, 1 July 2012

Rack Planner Update 1.10

Z-ordering implemented to decide which module to pick up if an overlap occurs. Graphics tidy-ups with improvements to the HP Rulers (they now show the selected module's hp width as well as the space either side - see pic below).

Right-click to select modules - they turn blue - pressing 'D' deletes them. This will also eventually be used to drag a group of modules around rather than single ones, and allow any selected modules to be moved by cursor keys as well as the mouse.

Anybody notice the screws? When a module's in the rack it gets bolted in. When it's being dragged around the screws don't show. This makes me smile!

There are currently no bugs so I'm ready to move onto new features tomorrow. I'm leaving the 'housekeeping'-type tasks for now (add rack, delete rack, cut, copy, paste etc.) in order to rejig the XML files and prepare for mixed-format plans.

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