Sunday, 24 June 2012

Rack Planner Update

Today's main addition was 'Smart Drop'. Dropping a module on a position occupied totally or partly by another module now not only gives the red warning rectangle, but also moves the module once it's actually dropped. If the nerest space big enough to accommodate the module without an overlap is to the right of the existing module then the dropped module is moved there. If there is a nearer space for it to the left then it is moved there. If there is no space big enough on the row in question then the module reverts to the original position it was dragged from.

In the screenshot below you can see a Z3000 being dropped to the right of, but overlapping, a PEG:

As there is available space to the right of the PEG and the module is neearer to that side then the result is shown below, with the Z3000 being automatically shifted 5 HP to the right:

This new function (particularly in combination with 'HP Rulers') allows for new rack layouts to be put together very quickly as modules can be roughly dropped where they need to be rather than having to be carefully aligned.

Tomorrow, if I get chance, I would like to work on multiple module selection, deselection and movement.

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