Thursday, 1 October 2009

AH: DIY Euro Rack (Work In Progress)

400+ HP Euro rack designed and built by Tony Horsman. This is a work in progress - the outer frame shown is temporary.


  1. Richard, nice job so far, is the outframe going to be beefier in its final format? Why did you go with the AS power supply and not Doepfer DIY power supply? What are the primary differences? I am building a euro-rack case right now myself is why I ask. Isotroposphere / DRFresh

  2. Hi - I'll pass your comments and questions on to my Dad - it's his project. Cheers, Rich.

  3. Here's his answer...

    "The intention is that the outer frame will be replaced by something more substantial, once the construction of the four module frames is completed.

    I am using the AS supply primarily because it has sockets both for AS modules and for Doepfer modules (the power connectors differ). I presently have three AS modules mounted in the lowest frame. Apart from two home-built passive modules, the rest are from Doepfer. Each module frame has its own Doepfer power busboard.

    The AS supply provides +12, +5 and -12 volts as standard, and the +5 is not derived from the +12 volts rail. Doepfer power supplies do not have sockets for AS modules and the +5 volts is derived from the +12 volts rail using a small add-on that has to be purchased separately."